Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Spira® brand unique?

The patented WaveSpring® technology can only be found in Spira® shoes.

Why do I need Spira’s WaveSpring® technology?

  • The WaveSpring® not only cushions with every step, but returns almost the same amount of energy. Up to 96% of the energy is returned to the wearer. This “recycled” energy allows you to participate in your activities with far less stress on the joints, ligaments and the entire body than traditional footwear.
  • The WaveSpring® reduces peak impact forces throughout the gait cycle by 20%. It is during these peaks that injuries usually occur. With the reduction is peak force, injuries can be reduced. Many elite athletes, marathoners, fitness enthusiasts report that they can race, train and work out at a more intense level. Recovery time between activities is often reduced.
  • The WaveSpring® is mechanical and works through deflection and opposed to compression. This helps to shoe keep the “new shoe” cushioned feel throughout the normal life of the shoe.
  • The WaveSpring® is very tunable. There is a different sized spring dependent upon the size of the shoe, and a different spring configuration dependent upon the proposed activity. It is truly customized to the wearer.

How do I clean the shoes? Can I place them in a washing machine or dryer?

Spira® shoes should be washed by hand using laundry detergent (sparingly) or shoe cleaner. Avoid submerging the sole of the shoe in water. We do not recommended washing shoes in a washing machine or placing them in a dryer.

Do Spira® shoes run true to size?

It depends on the style since some shoes are designed on different footwear lasts for various activities. Please refer to the sizing chart located on the product page for assistance on sizing on a specific style.

Is Spira® a publicly traded company?

No, Spira® is not publicly traded.

Where is Spira® headquartered?

Spira® is proud to call Los Angeles, California home!

Do Spira® shoes come in widths?

Select styles come in widths which are indicated in the product descriptions located on the product page of the website.

Can I wear my orthotic in a Spira® shoe?

Yes, you can remove the shoe insert and replace it with an orthotic.

Why are there so many different spring configurations?

  • The WaveSpring® configurations (one, two or three springs) are tuned for particular activities. For example, The Spira Classic models have two large springs for a more bouncy feel and cushioning needed for walking, medical rehabilitation, and/or standing all day.
  • The WaveWalker and WaveWalker DX3 have a “firmer” feel and a larger forefoot area to accommodate a wider foot, yet the heel remains narrow to reduce slippage. Based on personal preferences, you can choose either the 1 or 3 spring option.
  • The Scorpius, Stinger XLT and the Stinger 3 Racer offer three WaveSprings to provide more forefoot flexibility for various athletic and dance fitness activities.

Are Spira shoes “banned” for competition?

Runners competing in Spira® shoes have won hundreds of major marathons and road races world wide. We are unaware of any incident where an athlete was disqualified for competing in Spira®.