“Both the Genesis X and the Stinger XLT are the best running shoes I have ever worn…”

I tried the Genesis X in last weekend’s Hellyer Half Marathon in San Jose, California, and it worked out very well as I finished with my 3rd best time. Both the Genesis X and the Stinger XLT are the best running shoes I have ever worn. I ran 2 other half marathons this year, the Coyote Hills Half Marathon in Fremont, California, and the Bay Breeze Half Marathon in San Leandro, California. I PR’d in the Bay Breeze Half Marathon, breaking my previous personal record by almost 7 minutes. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the Spira Stinger 2. I just received the Spira Odyssey today and once again, another very comfortable shoe. I can’t wait to try the Odyssey on my training runs. In all my races where I used the Spiras, I finished without any muscle soreness or joint pain. The pounding of running is really greatly minimized allowing me to run more often and without injury. I have already run 4 half marathons this year and I plan to run at least 8 more to keep my goal of 12 half marathons in 2012. I also plan to run at least 2 full marathons. These Spira shoes are just absolutely amazing… a simple WaveSpring Technology that brings real results.

—Gilbert N. Gatpandan


I have been a Team Spira Runner since September of 2008, Before September of 2008, I had been training in all other training shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Asics and Reebok, but because of that I kept getting injuries, due to the support of the shoe, not being able to handle the miles a elite marathoner does. I can tell you and give you my 120% truth, that the shoes Spira makes are durable, and with stand able of any kind of mileage, so since joining Spira and training and racing in their shoes, I have not yet to have a set back injury do to the shoe. In which I have gone from a 2:27:45 marathoner to a 2:23:50 marathoner. I personally would encourage and inspire everyone and anyone to give Spira shoes a try, and believe me you will not be disappointed, or dissatisfied with any of the Spira running shoes.

Loyal and proud Supporter of Spira Footwear!

Loyal and Proud to be ELITE SPIRA MARATHONER
Bryan R. Morseman
2:23 Marathoner

Team Spira Runner runs 13 miles too far!

Nicholas Kurgat finished first in the Oaks Marathon but was disqualified because he signed up to run only the half marathon.

Story by Edward G. Robinson III

Kurgat, 29, a resident of Chapel Hill and native of Kenya, had entered the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon portion of the event. He was supposed to run 13.1 miles to the finish of that race, following the course signs.

Instead, Kurgat missed the signs for the half marathon turn and found himself deciding at the 13th mile to keep going, even though he had never run a full marathon and was participating in his first half marathon. Ben Kurgat, his manager and coach, spoke for Nicholas Kurgat. He explained the situation as a mistake.

He said Kurgat missed the signs and followed a police car that was ahead of the front pack. “He just kept going because there was no where to go,” Ben Kurgat said. “He just followed the vehicle home.”

Nicholas Kurgat’s long-distance running ability was an “accidental discovery.” He started as a short-distance runner in Kenya and has been making the transition over the past two years to long distance, last week winning a 10K race. He jumped the gun in trying the marathon distance, although he fared well.

Nevertheless, the feat could not be officially recognized by City of Oaks officials. Jim Micheels, the race director, said Kurgat was disqualified from the half marathon for leaving the course, a rule specified by USA Track and Field, the country’s governing body for marathons. Micheels said the City of Oaks full marathon is a USATF-certified event and officials must follow their rules and guidelines. “One of their rules is that if you switch races, intentionally or unintentionally, you’re disqualified,” he said.

It wasn’t the first time a half marathon participant had missed the turn, though Micheels said he thought the course was clearly marked with four signs and bright orange cones. He said there was a volunteer directing runners where to go. “I feel bad he went the wrong way,” he said.

Javier Cruz has a truly InSPIRAtional story to tell.

Javier Cruz was born in a cardboard hut in Sonora, Mexico. At age six, Javier was once believed dead after a boulder fell on him, crushing him. His mother took him to the morgue thinking he had passed away. He miraculously survived, but he was paralyzed from the waist down. Through therapy, Javier overcame paralysis. He later immigrated to the United States, learned English, and attended college. He is now a mail carrier and has run many marathons, including the Boston and San Diego’s Rock and Roll marathon.

Javier is determined, optimistic, positive, and energetic. We are very proud that Javier’s running shoe of choice is Spira!